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Nike air Vapormax 2018 Women New Baskets Official Cheap Shoes Black/White

,Nike Air VaporMax GS,Nike air Vapormax 2018 Women New Baskets Official Cheap Shoes Black/White

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The Air VaporMax opens a new era of Nike innovation. "It has completely transformed our approach to designing Air models," explains Zachary Elder, a designer specializing in amortization innovation. With the VaporMax, the designers really wanted to give the athletes the impression of "running on air". They first restructured the Air unit to connect it directly to the upper. "It was the biggest challenge," says Tom Minami, senior shoe designer, but it was worth it. "Without an intermediate sole or a cleaner sole, you will rediscover the sensations of Air. "In previous Air Max models, the goal was to place as many Air units as possible in the sole, but the VaporMax relies on more efficient use of technology. "When you put your foot down, each lug sinks into the Air unit, increasing the pressure," says Zachary Elder. "When you raise your foot, the pressure is released, which creates even more dynamic cushioning. After working for seven years on this shoe, Zachary Elder and Tom Minami are eager to discover what the future holds for them. "I am very proud of the product," admits Zachary Elder. "The new approach is a real turning point for Nike Air technology and for Nike. "

The revolutionary Air-Sole unit from Nike was incorporated into the Nike range of shoes in 1978. In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 was for the first time equipped with a visible air cushion in the heel. Now, in addition to feeling the comfort of Air-Sole technology, everyone could also see it in action. Since then, Nike Air Max new generation footwear has been a constant success with athletes and collectors, thanks to their striking color combinations and their lightness, which offers a perfectly cushioned stride.

The Nike Flyknit technology is inspired by riders who want to have a comfortable sneaker that is not noticeable. Nike undertook a four-year mission during which programmers, engineers and designers reflected on the creation of the technology needed to make the mesh upper with static properties for structure and durability. Then, the precise placement of the areas of maintenance, flexibility and breathability (all in one piece) has been redesigned. The result is an almost seamless, adjusted and ultra-light upper.

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